MAVOWATT 30 3-Phase Energy & Power Disturbance Analyzer

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The Gossen Metrawatt MAVOWATT 30 3-Phase Energy & Power Disturbance Analyzer is a power and mains disturbance analyzer that fulfills the standards EN50160, EN61000-4-7 and EN61000-4-15 and EN61000-4-30. The Gossen Metrawatt MAVOWATT 30 is class A device that simultaneously monitors RMS values, harmonics, flicker and transients down to a time range of approximately 80 µs.

The Gossen Metrawatt MAVOWATT 30 has 8 measuring channels: 4 for voltage and 4 for current. The MAVOWATT 30 features intuitive  color touch-screen operation operated with the help of icons and multiple language options. All acquired data is saved to CompactFlash memory cards ≥4 GB and  Data communication is optional possible via RS 232, Ethernet or USB.

Gossen Metrawatt MAVOWATT 30 features

  • Power and mains disturbance analysis
  • Harmonic analysis per EN 61000-4-7
  • Mains quality per EN50160 with statistic bar chart
  • Flicker analysis per EN 61000-4-15
  • 8 measuring channels: 4 for voltage (differential) and 4 for current (current sensor), for measurements at 50 / 60 Hz power frequency
  • Data storage to Compact Flash memory cards ≥4 GB (scope of supply)
  • Power supply via charging device 90..264 V / 47..63 Hz
  • Built-in accumulator for up to 3 hour operating time
  • Optional RS232, USB or LAN interface
  • Optional current measuring accessories
  • High performance DranView PC analysis and evaluation software is available

Gossen Metrawatt MAVOWATT 30 data sheet

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