Unipower Unilyzer 900 Power Network Analyser

A challenge for power distribution companies is to maintain a stable voltage supply in the customer delivery point. Customer complaints are often based on unstable voltage conditions. This can be due to varying loads in the customer installation. The combination of load and network impedance must therefore be monitored to determine best solution.

The Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to explore customer complaints but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimisations in the power network.

The integrated wireless modem and router allows automatic, remote download of data as well as realtime analysis and configuration. You can easily connect to Unilyzer 900 from any computer or smartphone.

Unipower Unilyzer 900 Power Network Analyser Video

You can view a short introduction video to the Unilyzer 900 below. Having the separate Windows tablet available for configuration and setup (via the instrument’s built-in Wi-Fi) is safe and user friendly.


Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to fulfill local standards, but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimizations in the power network.

  • Fulfill local standards and regulations
  • Power Quality troubleshooting
  • Delivery point norm compliance
  • Grid Code measurements
  • Energy savings
  • Load analysis
  • Fault and transient recording
  • Quality of supply

Plug and Play

Just load a pre-defined setting and you are up and running immediately. The display gives you valuable information, and it simultaneously allows you to modify settings.

Unilyzer 900 Features

  • It’s small size together with the IP65 protection and ruggedness makes Unilyzer 900 an idyllic tool for all field measurements.
  • It has no moving parts and has been tested in real, tough environments. The instrument complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A for Power Quality measurements, which ensures highest reliability in every advice and conclusion.
  • It’s standard memory allows data to be stored for 5 months. In case of a power failure it has an internal battery backup keeping the instrument going.
  • Gapless measurements and algorithms in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A

  • Measures power and energy in all 3-phase Wye and Delta configurations
  • Unique method for data compression and storage saving memory usage and thus saving transfer times and costs

  • 170 days of measurements with 32 MB standard memory

Integrated Wi-Fi

The instrument has integrated Wi-Fi. You easily connect to Unilyzer 900 from any computer or smartphone. Use your Android smartphone or tablet to check the voltage in an easy, safe and hassle-free way.

Real-time Possibilities

Independent of measurement mode, realtime values are shown on the display and can be read from an external PC or via modem simultaneously. Evaluation of voltage sags with norm classification according to different standards and planning levels.

Evaluation and Analysis

The powerful evaluation software PQ Secure is included. The Unilyzer 900 can be integrated into a full size PQ Secure PQ Management System allowing full automatic PQ administration and analysis.


All accessories are designed for practical field use from years of experience. Small, flexible Rogowski type clamps for currents up to 5000A available as well as magnetic core clamps. Transducers have automatic range and type identification (no user action needed). There is a variety of practical instrument bags available that are approved as cabin baggage on airplanes. Highly appreciated magnetic holder available for electrical cabinets.

Examples of measured parameters:

  • Inrush currents
  • Voltage (and current) variations
  • Sags and swells
  • Flicker levels
  • Harmonics
  • RVC
  • Unbalance
  • Transients
  • Ripple control signals
  • PLC communications
  • Network impedance
  • Short circuit power
  • Frequency changes, df/dt
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Environmental conditions

Unipower Unilyzer 900 Power Network Analyser Data Sheet

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Unipower PQ Secure Software

The Unipower PQ Secure Software is a user-friendly software system used for the supervision of power quality and disturbances in the power grid. Unipower PQ Secure Software provides continuous monitoring of all the power quality parameters in the entire network, providing quick and easy tracing of different disturbances and determination of their direction in the network.

The Unipower PQ Secure Software consists of:

  • software
  • measure units (UP-2210)
  • communication equipment via e.g. ethernet or a modem

Measure data is collected and evaluated by a SQL database, which  results in a fully scalable system with no limitations to number of measure units connected.

Unipower PQ Secure SoftwareAnalysis functions

  • Event viewers (global/local)
  • Trend diagrams
  • Wave form diagrams
  • Duration analysis (ITIC/CBEMA)
  • Automatic report function
  • Real-time window

It is also possible to integrate the portable meters Unilyzer 902 and Unilyzer 901 into the PQ Secure system, giving more points for measurement and improved view of power quality.

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Unipower Unilyzer 902 Power Analyzer

The Unipower Unilyzer 902 power analyzer is a portable power analyser that records power quality measurements in out-of-the-control-room environments. The Unipower Unilyzer 902 power analyzer is a dust- and splash-proof (IP65), norm-compliant (IEC 61000-4-30, Class A) and 3rd party-certified field instrument. Using DSP (Digital Signal Processor) the Unilyzer 902 measures all periods without time gaps. Built-in hardware locks to the fundamental frequency, which gives the Unilyzer 902 the highest possible accuracy.

The Unipower Unilyzer 902 power analyzer features options for remote communication, e.g. GSM modem. This means that data can be downloaded and re-configured from the office, without having to go to the location where it is installed. Four independent trig channels capture sags, swells, transients and interruptions.

The Unipower Unilyzer 902 power analyzer also connects to a PC, which provides access to an eight-channel oscilloscope, a harmonic spectrum analyser and a trend-graph. The phasor diagram gives valuable information about phase relationships and instrument wiring.

PQ Secure software accumulates all measured data which is transmitted to a main SQL database. Export data and measured files to other software, for instance spreadsheets.

Unipower Unilyzer 902 Power Analyzer functions

  • Automatic transducer identification
  • Quantities and units like V, A, W, VA, VAr, kWh, kVArh, PF, Cosj, Hz, IFL, PST, PLT.
  • Transients >1 ms
  • Voltage sags (dips) and swells
  • Flicker
  • Harmonics. Odd, even, interharmonics and directions.
  • Current and voltage unbalance
  • Signalling voltage
  • K-factor for transformers
  • All power quality parameters measured simultaneously
  • Direction for power harmonics and disturbance

Unipower Unilyzer 902 data sheet

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Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit

The Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit  functions as an advanced power quality meter and at the same time as a fault recorder.The Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit are the nodes of which the PQ Secure system consists. For fully reliable data and reference measurements, each Unipower UP-2210 unit is certified in accordance with the measure standard IEC 61000-4-30, Class A.

The Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit captures both steady state disturbances (harmonics, flicker etc) as well as rapid voltage changes (sag/swell events and fast transients). All power quality parameters can be analysed in accordance with voltage quality standards such as the EN 50 160.

Unipower PQ Secure system will automatically transfer data from the Unipower UP-2210 units to the central database, analyse the measure result and show an event list or graphical data. The software also has an automatic report generator that can create reports in accordance with international voltage standards such as EN 50160.


Voltage and current, Power and demand, Unbalance & frequency, Flicker and harmonics, 3 sec max harmonics, Slowscan recording, Sags/swells, Transients, Rapid voltage changes, Fault recording, Rate of change, df/dt, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.


Unipower’s PQ Secure system is an important part of Smart Grids supplying the leading edge Power Quality Surveillance on the market. It gives owners a user friendly system for general overviews and facilitates assurance of power quality on the grid. The combination of ease of use and information storage in the systems database makes the system entirely unique. The system can even read the information from simpler systems or export data to other surveillance systems such as STINA and SCADA systems.

Market Leading Technology

Measuring generates large quantities of data that may be complex to administer, especially with several measurement objects. Sending large data files via communication lines of varying quality could be time consuming. Unipower’s solution to this is advanced data compression in combination with reliable communication and a modern database system. This offers a flexible solution that can be automated in an architecture from one to thousands of meters. Important hallmarks of the PQ Management System are scalability, accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and adaptability.

PQ Secure System

The Unipower system PQ Secure can be used by both transmission companies and industries as a tool for understanding and analysing what’s happening in the grid. The system measures PQ parameters and ensures it retains the highest accuracy.

Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit features

  • Complies with EMC: EN 50081-1,2 EN 50082-1,2
  • Voltage characteristics: EN 50160, EN 61000-2-2, EN 61000-2-12
  • Harmonics: IEC 61000-4-7
  • Flicker: IEC 61000-4-15
  • Power quality measurement methods: IEC 61000-4-30, Class A

Unipower UP-2210 Power Quality Measure Unit data sheet

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Unipower UP-2210R Rack Mount PQ Measuring Unit

The UP­2210­R is a IEC 61000­4­30 Class A Power Quality Analyzer and Fault Recorder targeted on MV and HV applications.

Unipower PQ Secure

PQ Secure lets you monitor your power quality continuously and gives you a complete picture of the status in the power network, logging all critical parameters giving direct response on any deviation.

UP­2210­R Comes in a convenient 19″ case that fits easily in the sub-station control cabinets. The hardware is based on Unipowers class A platform and measures all Power Quality parameters, does fault recording and energy metering as well as advanced disturbance recording. See UP- 2210R technical manual for additional details.