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At Powerpoint Engineering we offer energy monitoring equipment and the best solution to all of your energy monitoring and power quality requirements. We have over 24 years’ experience in all aspects of the electrical industry and 20 years’ experience in energy monitoring and power quality.

We supply leading energy monitoring hardware with technical support on all energy meters and sensors. We also supply monitoring equipment to monitor gas and water consumption.

Our sales team can offer a site survey to discuss any technical requirements you may have, to deliver the best metering solutions. 

We offer a full turn key energy monitoring solution for new builds and existing systems, with our online energy monitoring platform or a software that can be housed at your premises, fully designed to meet your requirements with communication installation and configuration.

We can install a non-intrusive energy monitoring system with design, communication installation and configuration, where the client may have critical loads that a power shutdown is not possible or vies able. 

All of our metering systems can be integrated into existing metering and BMS systems.

With the new design of current transformers and energy meters. They are now more compact and safer than ever before. 

Remote monitoring system with our online platform

With our online Energy Monitoring platform, it is now easier than ever to monitor consumption of energy remotely. Our online platform and energy metering system makes it easier for the user to generate reports and monitor the power quality of their plant or power generation station.

We have installed our systems throughout Ireland and Europe. Our Clients include universities, pharmaceutical & bio medical industry, the catering &hospitality sector, utilities sector, hospitals, schools, product production plants and data centres. Also, in some of the most remote parts such as broadcasting stations, Windfarms and Water treatment plants.

Benefits of monitoring energy usage:

  • Real time usage.
  • Energy usage in most cases can have a direct correspondence to production and turn over.
  • Energy Monitoring can produce a trend, overtime it could show early indication of machine failure in pumps and motors.
  • Identify areas with large energy consumption.
  • Identify area where cost savings can be achieved.
  • Monitoring generation of energy.
  • Optimise the use of equipment
  • Measure Efficiency

View a sample of our Clients and Case Studies.

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