New Unipower Portable Instrument Unilyzer 900

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Unilyzer 900Unipower Unilyzer 900 Power Network Analyser

Unilyzer 900 is designed for electric power distribution companies to investigate customer complaints but it can be used by anyone wanting to troubleshoot problems or to do optimisations in the power network.

A challenge for power distribution companies is to maintain a stable voltage supply in the customer delivery point. Customer complaints are often based on unstable voltage conditions due to varying loads in the customer installation. The combination of load and network impedance must therefore be monitored to determine best solution.

The Unilyzer 900’s small size together with the IP65 protection and ruggedness makes it a perfect tool for all field measurements. It has no moving parts and has been tested in real, tough environments.

The instrument complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A for Power Quality measurements, which guarantees highest reliability in every advice and conclusion. It’s standard memory allows data to be stored for 5 months. In case of a power failure it has an internal battery backup keeping the instrument going.

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