Sineax Voltage Transducers

Current measuring transducer's purpose is to sense the current – more precisely, the magnetic field generated by a current - passing through the transducer, and subsequently convert it to a desired output signal, the one which represents a valid quantification for the user.

The output signal that transducers provide must be precisely proportional to the primary current. Depending on the transducer type, various inputs can be given and various types of output signal can be provided in the end.

Belonging to the family of current transducers, voltage transducers are able to transform the passing current into observable and measurable signals, usually given in volts. Different voltage transducers can take and transform different inputs. For example, SINEAX U553 Single Phase Measuring Transducer transforms sinusoidal or distorted alternating voltage into the measurable output.

Voltage transducers are applied across the measured voltage. They are critically important for measuring and monitoring voltage in various systems and settings. Precise measurement is the foundation for accurate monitoring, and accurate monitoring is fundamentally important for any system's performance and development.

When all these facts are taken into consideration, it is clear how much the quality of chosen transducers influence the entire power system's efficiency and reliability. And in reality, many systems depend on them, since voltage transducers have a wide range of applications: from power supplies, to renewable energy, to vehicle industry, to welding.

Produced in the EU by Gossen Metrawatt, one of the leading companies in electrical measuring and test technology, SINEAX transducers guarantee quality, accuracy and reliability. This is confirmed by the CSA certificate and German Lloyd approval which SINEAX Transducers posses.

The SINEAX U553 Single Phase Measuring Transducer is a measuring transducer for the transformation of sinusoidal or distorted alternating voltage. The SINEAX U553 Single Phase Measuring Transducer is supplied with power supply terminal. SINEAX U553 ... Read More...