Power Quality Monitoring Surveys

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd has the in-house expertise, experience and necessary equipment to provide to you the complete range of Power Quality Surveys to meet your specific needs. Contact us by phone 057 8662162 or email sales@powermeters.ie to book your Power Quality Monitoring Survey today.

We provide a quick response, getting to you on-site to advise you on the survey necessary to identify and resolve your issues. Our expert engineering teams deliver Power Quality Studies, Power Factor/Load Profile Surveys and Harmonic Studies.

Service Power Quality

The standard types of surveys requested are Power Quality & Harmonics Surveys (including EN50160 Analysis, EN 50160:2010, the new version of EN50160 – Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public networks) and Load Profile/Energy Surveys.

Our Power Quality Surveys cover the suite of all Power Quality parameters, including:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Harmonics THD
  • Individual order harmonics & power harmonics
  • Voltage Unbalance
  • Power Frequency
  • Flicker

Voltage Transient Disturbances and Voltage Sags/Swell are also recorded based on triggered and captured events. Detailed findings, their interpretation and practical solutions are included in all our reports.

We use high end power quality analyzers such as the Unipower Unilyzer 902 to conduct our surveys. These power quality analyzers are high performance instruments used for simultaneous disturbance and norm compliance measurements. We identify true three-phase measurements, including voltage quality parameters such as unbalance (IEC 61000-4-30), harmonics (IEC 61000-47) and flicker (IEC 61000-4-15).


A Sunday evening, 8.30pm, a cement factory in Ireland suddenly came to a complete stop. Garrett Kelly from Powerpoint Engineering Ltd was called in to investigate. Eight years earlier the factory had installed PQ Secure system and a UP 2210 for post-processing of data. The meter was still logging as it should and after downloading data, investigation showed an arcing earth fault causing the interruption. Yet more important was that the data showed that the shutdown could have been avoided. PQ Secure is designed to be an early-warning system so after a system upgrade PQ Secure is now in use documenting as before and at the same time alerting for abnormal values and disturbances. More UP 2210s have also been added to strategic connections.

Contact us with your specific requirements or to book your Quality Monitoring Survey today.