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  • Spark Gaps
    SKU: AT-050K

    Spark gap for earth bonding with brass clamps for ø 8 – 10 mm (50 – 70 mm²) cable and 30 x 2 – 30 x 3.5 mm tape.


  • APLIFILL Graphite Powder
    SKU: AT-032L

    Aplifill is a highly hygroscopic compound and retains moisture around the conductor when used to fill any excavation made for soil replacement. Available in a Graphite Powder mixture or Clay mixture.


  • APLIROD® dynamic electrode
    SKU: AT-012H

    A lack of free ions in the surrounding ground is detrimental to the correct performance of the earthing. Earthing systems using dynamic electrodes are based on the contribution of ions to the ground.

    The system mainly consists of a copper electrode (APLIROD®) filled with a mixture of ionic compounds. The moisture condenser absorbs environmental moisture and dissipates it in the soil surrounding the electrode, adding free ions and gradually lowering the resistivity of the soil.


  • Graphite electrode
    SKU: AT-070H

    ø150 x 600 mm graphite electrode.


  • 254µm copperbond earth rods
    SKU: AT-016H

    Copperbond earth rods of a high quality which comply with even the most demanding regulations in order to achieve long-lasting earthing.

    Electrolytically coated with copper which is 254 µm thick and 99.9% pure, with a proven resistance to corrosion. This type of electrolytic coating prevents cracks or fissures, which may be caused in the outer layer of the earth rods with mechanical coating.

    Using the appropriate accessories, threaded copperbond earth rods enable the electrode to extend in order to obtain better earth resistances.


  • Copperbond earth rods couplings

  • Solid copper earth rods
    SKU: AT-031H

    Solid copper rods enable long-lasting earthing in ground with high corrosion levels.

    Threaded electrodes with the correct accessories enable the length to be increased, thus achieving a better earth resistance.


  • Stainless steel earth rods
    SKU: AT-000H

    Stainless steel earth rods enable long-lasting earthing in ground with high corrosion levels.