Ground Enhancing Products

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  • APLIFILL Graphite Powder
    SKU: AT-032L

    Aplifill is a highly hygroscopic compound and retains moisture around the conductor when used to fill any excavation made for soil replacement. Available in a Graphite Powder mixture or Clay mixture.


  • Conductiver Plus
    SKU: AT-010L

    CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a ground enhancing gel with low solubility which is, nonetheless, very hygroscopic.

    CONDUCTIVER PLUS is characterised by:

    Its capacity to create partially ionized electrolytes, with a high charge and capacity to retain water and form gels.

    Remaining in the ground for a long time, thanks to the formation of bonds with the particles.

    Increasing the conductivity of the ground for one year (considering rainfall of 700 litres/m2 ).

    Not causing corrosion of the earth electrod

    Being totally ecological.


  • APLICEM - Conductive cement
    SKU: AT-034L

    APLICEM increases the conductive surface of the earth electrode, reducing the earthing resistance of the loose electrode. Additionally, resistance remains stable regardless of soil moisture. Therefore, costs are reduced as it requires fewer boreholes for appropriate resistance. Moreover, as it is an inert material, it prevents any corrosion forming on the electrode.