A-EBERLE Panel Mounted Meters

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  • A-EBERLE Model PQI-DA smart
    SKU: Model PQI-DA smart

    Solving all measurement tasks in electrical grids can be a daunting task. The new Power Quality Interface and Disturbance Recorder PQI-DA smart, aimed at low, medium and high voltage grids, represents the A-Eberle response to such needs. This central component can be used either as Power Quality-Interface in accordance with all Power Quality standards or as a device for all physically defined/measured values in typical threephase systems.


    SKU: Model PQI-DE

    The Power Quality Analyser and Fault Recorder PQI-DE for low, medium and high voltage networks is the central component of a system with which all measurement tasks in electrical networks can be solved.
    The PQI-DE can be used as a Power Quality Interface according to power quality standards such as IEC61000-2-2 / EN50160 or to check the technical connection guidelines such as DIN VDE AR 4110 and DIN VDE 4120 and many more.