254µm copperbond earth rods

254µm copperbond earth rods

SKU: AT-016H

Copperbond earth rods of a high quality which comply with even the most demanding regulations in order to achieve long-lasting earthing.

Electrolytically coated with copper which is 254 µm thick and 99.9% pure, with a proven resistance to corrosion. This type of electrolytic coating prevents cracks or fissures, which may be caused in the outer layer of the earth rods with mechanical coating.

Using the appropriate accessories, threaded copperbond earth rods enable the electrode to extend in order to obtain better earth resistances.

ø5/8″ x 2400 mm copper coated steel earth rod, electrolytically coated with 254 μm copper, with two 5/8″ threads.