DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software is an energy data management software that performs automatic readings of M-Bus and Fixed radio networks. DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software features various modules that makes it possible to adapt the software to the user’s specific requirements.

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software features

  • One software for managing radio and wired M-Bus reading systems
  • Reading and remote reading of all types of resource meters (water, thermal energy, electricity, gas meters)
  • Editing and visualisation of meter data in tables and diagrams
  • Archiving of all meter data in a powerful Oracle® SQL database
  • Optional use of modern client-server structure enabling simultaneous use
  • Possibility of alarm monitoring and actions

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer basic modules

  • [email protected] WALK & DRIVE
    Supports direct USB connection to a IZAR HANDHELD PSION device and the organisation of Walk-by/Drive-by tours for reading/management of radio meters and customer data.
  • [email protected] FIXED
    Supports data download from an FTP server that was uploaded via Ethernet LAN or GPRS from a fixed installed data concentrator (IZAR RECEIVER LAN/GPRS or M-Bus Master IZAR CENTER).
  • [email protected] M-BUS
    Supports direct connection via USB, RS232, Ethernet LAN or analog/GSM modem connection to an IZAR CENTER M-Bus master. Possibility to do on demand meter readings or readout of IZAR CENTER Memory data.

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer additional modules

  • [email protected] GRAPHIC & ANALYSIS
    Consumption monitoring: illustration of up to 6 meter counts in a bar or line graph diagram. 3 diagrams can be displayed in one window (also with the possibility of an online mode).
  • [email protected] ALARM
    Automatic creation of meter alarms for Fixed Network and M-Bus installations, visualisation on screen or transmission via SMS / email.
  • [email protected] MAPS
    Visualisation of readings on a map (Requirement: Google Earth® installed).
  • [email protected] IMPORT/EXPORT
    Interface for import and export of meter and customer data e.g. from/to a billing software system (ASCII, Excel®, ODBC database connection).
  • [email protected] VIRTUAL METERS
    Calculations of virtual meter values (e.g. summarize all sub meters from one building).
  • [email protected] EXTENDED DATABASE
    Extension of limited (4 GB) Oracle® Express Edition (incl. in [email protected]) to unlimited Oracle® Standard Edition One database. Allows additionally a higher database performance.

DIEHL [email protected] Hydrometer Software data sheet

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