DRB Energy-Meters Three-Phase 80-3P

DRB Energy-Meters Three-Phase 80-3P

SKU: DRB 80-3P

Digital active energy-meter for imported and exported energy – 2 tariffs – 2 SO.

DRB-80-3P is a digital kWh meter to register active energy, both imported and exported, with 2 So pulsed outputs for remote monitoring of active and reactive energies on both tariffs. This series of Digital energy meters with LCD display measure active energy in three phase systems in residential, utility and industrial applications.

4 standard module housing, suitable for DIN-rail mounting Connection through CT …/5A up to 10.000/5A or direct connection up to 80A


  • For transformer primary current of 5A to 10.000/5A. Input is in 5A increments
  • 9 digits – 4 display for energy values indication
  • Detection of connection errors (phase transposition and phase missing)
  • Accuracy class 1 for active energy according to EN 50470-3 (B)
  • Operating range current (Ist … Imax) for direct connection 80A = 0.015 … 80A for connection by CT …/5A = 0.003 … 5A
  • Energy register for import and export
  • Sealable terminal covers
  • 4 DIN modules wide (72mm)

DRM Energy-Meters Three-Phase 80-3P Data Sheet

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