DRM Energy-Meters Single-Phase 32 -1P

DRM Energy-Meters Single-Phase 32 -1P

SKU: DRM 32-1P

The energy-meters use an LCD display to give a clear reading and are used to measure single-phase systems in residential, utility and industrial applications. Monitoring of the energy-consumption is via two SO pulse outputs. The products can be set up to communicate with Modbus RTU, M-Bus, KNX and SD card datalogger interfaces, and thus can be used to analyse energy-consumption in order to reduce to a minimum the running cost for industrial plants and buildings.

Active energy-meters for single-phase alternating current with a, 7 digits counter. These meters have 1 S0 output generating pulses for remote processing of the active energy measurements for 1 tariff.


  • Display LCD
  • For direct connection 32A and 40A
  • 7 digits for energy and other values indication
  • Accuracy class 1 for active energy and power according to EN 50470-3 (B)
  • Operating range current (Ist … Imax) for direct connection 32A and 40A = 0.020 … 32A or 40A
  • Seal-able terminal covers
  • The standard versions are designed to be combined with the communication module
  • 1 DIN modules wide (18mm)

DRM Energy-Meters Single-Phase 32 -1P Data Sheet

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