Energy Monitoring Surveys

Energy Monitoring Surveys

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In accordance with EN Standards, we provide a variety of Power Quality and Energy Monitoring Surveys. Standard surveys include Power Quality & Harmonics (containing EN50160 Analysis) and Load Profile/Energy Surveys (EN50160:2010, the updated edition of EN50160–Voltage characteristics of power provided by public networks).

All of our survey reports include thorough results, their interpretation, and practical solutions. It is common to conduct a survey over the course of a week in length. After the removal of power monitoring systems and equipment, reports are accessible within two working days. To schedule your Energy Monitoring Survey, please get in touch with us. Contact us.


Load Profile Surveys are typically used for evaluating transformer loads and connected load power factor. All Load Profile Studies include measurements for a typical load cycle:

  • The site load [kW]
  • Apparent power/MIC [kVA]
  • Power factor
  • Maximum/minimum and average values of Voltage
  • Current

Load Profile Surveys can be used to evaluate the available capacity of existing transformers, available current carrying capacity of existing cables or suitability/performance of power factor correction equipment.

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