EnergyTeam NG-9

EnergyTeam NG-9


New Generation network analyzer, 9 measured lines in a single device

The EnergyTeam NG-9 is the world’ smallest analyzer featuring 9 channels within only 9 cm. There is currently no existing device that is comparable to the NG-9. The NG9 is a unique and innovative metering solution offering both flexibility and simplicity whilst reducing product and installation costs compared to other devices on the market.

EnergyTeam NG-9 Key Technical Features

  • Flexibility: It offer the most versatile solution available on the market in the special probe with a range from 1 – 2000A.
  • Accuracy: 0.5 class instrument which guarantees the accuracy of the whole measurement system.
  • Measurements: Display up to 160 electric parameters on the built in LCD or on your own device via RTU-Modbus.
  • Versatility: High suitability thanks to the combination of split current transformer and/or Rogowski coil for single-phase, three-phase or shuffled mode.
  • Simplicity: Reduce time and costs by 85%. No shutdowns.

EnergyTeam NG-9 Simple Features

  • Modbus RTU communication sped 3 times faster than other analyzers: 115200 baud rate
  • It is possible to use all ranges of Rogowski coils or split current sensors on each instrument either on single, three or mixed phase mode.
  • Easily fits into pre-existing panels
  • Connection to 1 voltmeter instead of 3
  • Reduces installation errors allowing a simple and accurate start up
  • Each current sensor can be connected to the device with a one-way electrical connector without using additional cables, scissors and screwdrivers.
  • Power Consumption 12 times less than any other device on the market. i.e. NG-9 €21/10 years, other devices €252/10 years.
  • The NG software set up permits simple and fast programming.
  • NG-9 has various application fields: Warehouses, Offices, retail centres, small & large factories. It is also ideal for data centres where it is necessary to monitor energy cost distribution.

EnergyTeam NG-9 Data Sheet

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