Fluke 1732 Advanced Energy Logger

Fluke 1732 Advanced Energy Logger


The Fluke 1732 Advanced Three-Phase Power Logger is an ideal tool for clear indication of Power usage allowing the user to log and report results with ease. Thanks to the Fluke Energy Analyze Plus dedicated software data analysis and reporting is greatly simplified. The instrument is ideally suited for plant maintenance engineers giving them an advanced functionality and automatic reporting capability.

Approach the problem of energy waste within the industry equipped with a new Fluke 1732 Energy Logger that is designed to allow easy data recording. The new interface is geared towards simplicity with graphical guides helping choose the right data to be received. With three dedicated flexible probes you can simultaneously record data from three phases at the same time. Large capacity allows to store over 20 separate logging sessions with all parameters recorded and the Fluke Connect compatibility means that not only can you setup the instrument or view the results, but also you can use it in conjunction with Fluke Connect enabled devices.

Fluke 1732 EUS Energy Logger features:

  • Collect readings from all three phases at the same time
  • Capture more than 20 separate logging sessions
  • Locate dips, swells and inrush currents
  • Large, bright and full colour touch screen
  • Easy to follow and intuitive interface
  • Fluke Energy Analyze Plus logging software for ease of analysis and reporting

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