Fluke 1736 Power Logger

Fluke 1736 Power Logger


The new Fluke 1736 Power Logger is a direct replacement for the earlier Fluke 1735. The new ergonomic case now features a large colour touch screen that allows for easy navigation around the intuitive interface. Another great benefit is the full compatibility with Fluke Connect system granting the ability for remote control, share and report generation right at your smartphone.

The Fluke 1736 can log over 500 different power quality parameters over long period of time. The unit can simultaneously log parameters from all three phases and neutral.

Features of Fluke 1736 Power Logger

  • Capture and log automatically: voltage, current, power, harmonics and other associated power quality parameters.
  • View data, control the meter, share results and generate reports: all thanks to Fluke Connect compatibility.
  • Power up your meter directly from measured circuit.
  • Class leading safety rating: 600V CAT IV / 1000V CAT III rating.
  • Perform measurements on all three phases and on neutral thanks to 4 flexible current probes supplied with the unit.
  • Store more than 20 separate logging sessions in the built in memory. Auto recording function will ensure that you will never miss a trend.
  • Capture dips, swells, and inrush currents.
  • Display the data visually and navigate through functions easier thanks to the large, colour touch screen.
  • Easy to use, smart and intuitive interface.
  • Energy Analyze Plus software suite supplied with the unit.

Fluke 1736 Power Logger Datasheet

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