Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder

SKU: FLK-1760

The Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder is specifically designed for advanced power quality analysis and consistent compliance testing. The Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder is Class-A compliant to stand up to the most demanding of power quality tests.

The Fluke 1760 is used for the for analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems, in medium- and low-voltage networks. The Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder provides the flexibility to customise thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections. The Fluke 1760 power recorder captures the most comprehensive details on user-selected parameters.

Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder features

  • High-speed transient analysis to uncover root causes of equipment malfunction for predictive maintenance.
  • Class-A quality-of-service compliance
  • Event correlation at multiple locations
  • Galvanic separation and DC coupling – allows complete measurements on dissimilar power systems
  • Power quality and power load studies
  • Conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard
  • GPS time synchronization
  • Flexible and fully configurable thresholds and scale factors
  • Uninterrupted power supply (40 minutes)
  • 10 MHz, 6000 Vpk waveform capture
  • 2 GB data memory
  • Comprehensive software included
  • Quick setup with automatic sensor detection

Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder kit contents

  • Power Quality Recorder Topas
  • Internal Flash-memory 2 GB
  • PQ Analyze software on CD-ROM
  • Ethernet cable for network connection (1)
  • Crosslink Ethernet cable for direct PC connection (1)
  • Mains cable (1)
  • Operational manuals
  • Carrying bag

Fluke 1760 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger data sheet

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