FLUKE 434 Energy Meter

FLUKE 434 Energy Meter

SKU: FLK-434


The FLUKE 434 Energy Meter (or Energy Analyzer ) is primarily used for energy logging. The FLUKE 434 Energy Meter has an Energy Loss Calculator function to identify the most energy-wasteful facility areas.

The FLUKE 434 records every measurement automatically and can generate graphs and reports via the included software.

FLUKE 434 Energy Meter features

  • Calculates the fiscal cost of energy waste due to poor power quality
  • Quick on-screen diagnosis of problems
  • Detection and prevention power quality issues before they cause downtime – predictive maintenance
  • Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Energy loss calculator
  • Troubleshoot power quality issues in real-time
  • Measure all three phases and neutral
  • Long battery life- 7 hours operating time

Fluke 1735 Power Logger kit contents

  • BC430 Power Adapter
  • International plug adapter set
  • BP290 (Single capacity Li-ion battery) 28 Wh (8 hours or more)
  • TL430 Test lead and Alligator clip set
  • WC100 color coding clips and regional decals
  • i430flex-TF, 24 inch (61 cm) length, 4 flexible current probes
  • 8 GB SD card
  • PowerLog on CD (includes operator manuals in PDF format)
  • USB cable A – Mini B
  • Soft Case

FLUKE 434 Energy Meter data sheet

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