KNX Interface

KNX Interface


Additional communication modules for energy-meter

The KNX interface (1 module wide, DIN rail mount) is intended for connecting the energy meter to KNX bus. KNX bus is widely used for home and building control applications. The interface receives the measurement data from the energy meter by means of the infrared port available on the side of the energy meter itself, and gets the power supply from the bus. Only the bus wiring (twisted pair) must be connected, no additional wiring is required. The interface is suitable for both single-phase () and three-phase energy-meter (DRB-80-3P).


The interface is provided with an application program to be imported in ETS3, in order to allow the configuration of the communication. ETS3 is the standard software for KNX systems configuration.


All the active and reactive energy, voltage, current, active, reactive, apparent power, power factor, frequency registers available on the measuring instrument can be transmitted over the bus. Transmission modes are available: transmission on request, automatic transmission based on adjustable energy account increment (for instance a message every 10 KWh). Status bytes are available as well, containing information about the status of the energy meter and the load (load type, running Tariff, energy import or export and so on). (Some measurements and status information are available only on selected models).

Voltage limits

Upper and lower voltage limits can be set via ETS3. A warning message will be sent over the bus by the interface, in case the voltage value goes beyond the limits.

Energy reset

Commands can be sent via bus to the interface for resetting the energy accounts (enabled only on selected measuring instruments models).

KNX Interface (DRM-KNX) Data Sheet

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