Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD

Modbus interface RTU and Ascii DRM-MOD


The product is intended to be placed side by side to an energy meter, equipped with an infra-red port on the side, to collect the measurements data from the instrument and to transmit them via an RS-485 serial line to a remote collection station using Modbus protocol.

The communication module automatically recognizes the instrument connected to its infra-red port and is in the position to transmit all the data provided by the instrument itself.


The interface is provided with a software tool for Windows software, for configuring installation parameters (such as Modbus address and baudrate) and general settings.

Plug and play

The interface is enabled to recognize automatically the instrument connected to its infra-red port. This is an advantage in terms of flexibility, because the same interface can be connected, to single-phase or three-phase energy meters.


The interface acts as a Modbus slave, so that the transmitted measurements can be collected and displayed using one of the software tools available on the market enabled to act as a Modbus master.


The interface is enabled to operate with a number of baudrates, up to 115200 baud. The pure speed of transmission is limited by the band capacity which is 9600 baud on the IR interface:

1 standard module housing (18mm wide), suitable for DIN-rail mounting 35mm


  • Interface available:
    – type BIG ENDIAN: for energy, power, voltage, current, cos and frequency, etc.

  • Modbus Ascii and Modbus, RTU protocols
  • Suitable for both single-phase and three-phase energy-meter
  • 1 DIN module wide (18mm)

M-Bus Interface DRM-M Data Sheet

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