Acksen PC Based Temperature Monitor & Logger

Acksen PC Based Temperature Monitor & Logger

SKU: DS-108

The DS-108 PC Based Temperature Monitor & Logger monitors and records temperatures and the status of digital inputs. The standard temperature probe lead length is 2m (6ft). Works within the range of -50°C to +150°C (-58°F to +300°F).

The DS-108 Temperature Monitor & Logger is ideally suited for use in situations where it is a requirement to record multiple temperature inputs and/or digital ‘logic’ inputs. For example, in a commercial refrigerator, the range of temperatures over a period of time, compresssor on/off, door open/closed, fan on/off. The DS-108 has the capability to answer all of these questions.

The data recorded by the DS-108 is saved in CVS/text file format on PC.

Acksen PC Based Temperature Monitor & Logger features include:

  • 8 digital temperature inputs, plus internal (ambient).
  • 8 digital logic input inputs, from 0V to +30V (DC)
  • 5Vdc/400mA output for external circuitry.
  • Connection via USB to PC software (provided).
  • Sample rate (all 17 channels), 1 sample per second, saved to disk every 10 seconds.
  • Complete analysis and logging software, °C, °F or K.
  • Software displays dashboard, shows graph and saves the data to disk.

Standard Set includes:

  • data logger
  • 4 digital temperature probes (2m leads)
  • USB-B lead
  • software
  • carry case

Acksen DS-108 PC Based Temperature Monitor & Logger Datasheet

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