SATEC ExpertPower

SATEC ExpertPower

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SATEC ExpertPower Software Solution delivers complete Power Quality analysis, energy management, billing, demand response and generator control. It can be purchased either as an on-line service (Service Edition) or as a stand-alone package (Pro Edition).

ExpertPower provides the user with information and analytics required to improve the efficiency, reliability, security and profitability of our customers’ energy system.

ExpertPower uses a standard web browser as user interface, for both local installation and Internet remote installation. With ExpertPower Service cuts out the need for server hardware and software or on-site IT experts, while the standalone Pro version aids in reducing monthly charges.

ExpertPower can handle installations of over 10,000 managed devices at one site making it the most powerful energy management solution in the market. Its scalability enables the user to start with small installations and gradually expand as required.

Applications Include Commercial, Data Centers, Industrial, Utilities | Smart Grid | Renewable

SATEC ExpertPower Features Include:

  • Automatic data collection from energy meters, Power Quality analyzers and substation automation controllers
  • Presentation – View all data in your browser—no software installation, no employee training
  • Historical information – All data is logged in the database, monitor trends to identify potential problems
  • Reports – Manual, automatic or scheduled reports
  • Alarms and Events – Multi-level thresholds for complex criteria, Messaging, emails and SMS alarms
  • Connectivity & Interoperability – Integrate all energy management, automation system and billing into one web based system. Built-in data export to different formats (Excel, PDF etc.)
  • Architecture – Grow as you go architecture—from single device to thousands. Distributed servers—support for server virtualization technologies such as VMWare. Local or remote MS-SQL database. Supports express, standard and enterprise MS SQL editions

System Diagram:

ExpertPower System Diagram

SATEC ExpertPower Data Sheet

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