SATEC PM130 PLUS High Performance Powermeter

SATEC PM130 PLUS High Performance Powermeter


The PM130 PLUS is a high performance multifunctional 3-phase power meter. This series of power meters provides a very cost-effective substitute for numerous analog meters used by commercial, industrial and utility customers for their basic power metering.

The PM130 PLUS is widely used in panel boards and SCADA systems. With the introduction of the unique TOU module, the EH model caters for all of the requirements of revenue metering applications. It is also appropriate for utility substation automation due to its integrated support of the industry standard DNP 3.0, Modbus RTU and IEC 60870-5-101/104 protocols, as well as its I/O capabilities (using the Digital Input/Output modules).

The PM130 PLUS series consists of two basic models providing digital measurements of more than 80 electrical parameters locally, and more than 100 electrical parameters via RS-485 interface.

The PM130 PLUS has extra bright 7 segment LED display, 3 lines 4-5 digits as well as SATEC’s unique bar graph loading indicator.

All models are suitable for mounting on both 4-inch round and 9292mm square cutouts

Note: The SATEC PM130 PLUS should be ordered with and will only work with dedicated SATEC HACS (High Accuracy Current Sensors) 

SATEC PM130 PLUS Features:

  • Multifunctional 3-phase Power Meter –
    3 voltage inputs and 3 current transformer-isolated AC inputs
    True RMS, volts, amps, power, power factor, neutral current, voltage and current unbalance, frequency
    Ampere/Volt demand meter
    25/50/60/400 Hz measurement capabilities
  • Billing/TOU Energy Meter (PM130E & PM130EH)
  • Harmonic Analyzer (PM130EH)
  • Real-time Waveform Capture
  • Programmable Logical Controller
  • Event and Data Recording (PM130E and PM130EH)
  •  I/O Options
    TOU+4DI module – four digital inputs with 1-ms scan time and battery backup for the real time clock; automatic recording of last five digital input change events with timestamps (see the PM130 PLUS Modbus Reference Guide)
    4DIO – four digital inputs and two relay outputs with 1-cycle update time; unlatched, latched, pulse and KYZ operation; energy pulses, selection of solid state or electromechanical relays
    12DIO – twelve digital inputs, 4 relay outputs and optional Ethernet or RS-485 communication port
    4AO – four optically isolated analog outputs with an internal power supply; Selection of 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1mA, and ±1mA output; 1-cycle update time
  • Communications –
    Standard 2-wire RS-485 communication port
    Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP3.0, Optional IEC 60870-5-101; With Ethernet Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP; Optional IEC 60870-5-104 and with GPRS module: Modbus/TCP
    ExpertPowerTM client for communicating with SATEC ExpertPowerTM Internet services (with Ethernet or GPRS modules)
    TCP notification client for communicating with a remote Modbus/TCP server on events or periodically on a time basis (with the Ethernet or GPRS module)
  • Measurement –
    Direct voltage measurement of up to 690v
    Selection of current input connections:
    5A – measurement of up to 10A using conventional 5A CTs
    1A – measurement of up to 2A using conventional 1A CTs
    RS5 – allowing connection remotely of 5A conventional CTs with split core remote sensors
    HACS – selection of remote sensors up to 1200A with built in shorting circuit and class 0.5s system accuracy (meter plus CTs)
  • Software Support –
    PAS™ – SATEC’s bundled software for meter configuration and data acquisition tool, including waveforms, phasors, harmonics and more
    ExpertPowerTM – SATEC’s unique Internet services offer the industry leading energy management software (EMS) without client software installation

SATEC PM130 PLUS High Performance Powermeter Data Sheet

PM130 PLUS Multifunctional 3-Phase Power Meter

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