SINEAX A200 Multifunctional Display Unit

SINEAX A200 Multifunctional Display Unit

SKU: A200

The Gossen Metrawatt SINEAX A200 is a multifucntional display unit for use with the SINEAX DME4 multi-transducers.The Gossen Metrawatt SINEAX A200 displays all measurands and meter contents of any DME4. The display unit is connected to the transducer via a simple RS232 interface cable, no more hot input wires at the cabinet door. By means of the direct connection to the transducer a first class accuracy of 0.15% (V, I) rsp. 0.2% (power and meter data) is guaranteed.

SINEAX A200 Multifunctional Display Unit features

  • Replaces numerous analog instruments
  • Displays all DME4 measurands locally, also for pure bus devices
  • Easy connection via RS232 cable
  • Dimensions 96 x 96 mm

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