SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer (Programmable)

SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer (Programmable)

SKU: DME 400

The SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer is a programmable multi-function transducer with 4 energy meters, RS232, LON. The SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer is used for querying up to 47 measured quantities in heavy current systems. The SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer takes accurate measurement (class 0.2) of voltage and current, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and frequency, as well as special current functions (bimetallic, slave pointer, mean value with or without preceding plus or minus sign).

SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducer features

  • Current to 10 A, voltage to 830 V
  • 4 programmable energy meters for Ah, kVAh, kWh and kvarh
  • AC-DC power pack with large tolerance range, or AC only
  • User-friendly customer software
  • Top-hat rail or wall mounting
  • CSA certificate

SINEAX DME 400 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable) data sheet

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