SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable)

SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable)

SKU: M563

The SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducer is a programmable multi-funtion transducer with 3 analog out and RS232. The SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducer is used for simultaneously acquiring 3 freely selectable measured quantities in electrical systems. The SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducer is equipped with 3 electrically isolated current outputs.

SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducer features

  • 3 analogue outputs
  • Application (system) programmable
  • Rated current 1 to 6 A programmable
  • Rated voltage 57 to 400 V (phase-to-neutral) or
  • 100 to 693 V (phase to phase) programmable
  • Universal analogue outputs (programmable)
  • High accuracy: class 0.5
  • Software with password protection for programming, data analysis, power system status simulation, acquisition of meter data and making settings
  • DC, AC power pack with very large tolerance range
  • Mounting: For snapping onto top-hat rail
  • CSA certificate

SINEAX M563 3-Phase Transducers (Programmable) data sheet

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