SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer

SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer

SKU: Q531

The SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer is a measuring transducer for reactive power. The SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer is used for the conversion of reactive power in single phase alternating current or 3-phase systems with balanced or unbalanced load. A load-independent direct current or direct voltage is used as an output signal, which is proportional to the measured reactive power value.

SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer features

  • Measuring method: TDM method
  • Measurement inputs: sinusoidal nominal input current (1 or 5 A) and nominal input voltage (100 to 690 V)
  • Nominal input frequency: 50 Hz
  • Measuring range: 0 to 2 kVar
  • Measurement output: unipolar, bipolar or live-zero output quantities
  • Power supply: integrated AC-DC power pack with large tolerance range for universal use
  • Standard GL (Germanischer Lloyd) / suitable for use on ocean-going vessels
  • Housings – top-hat rail mounting
  • P13/70 housing for phase-phase alternating current
  • P18/105 housing for 3-phase current
  • CSA certificate , German Lloyd approval

SINEAX Q531 3-Phase Transducer data sheet

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