Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meter

Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meter

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Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meters are active electrical energy meters designed for single phase load metering. The COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meters are used for direct connections up to 63 A. Socomec Countis Energy Meters are utilised for the direct measurement of energy, single phase or three-phase, for currents below 100 A, and three-phase indirect measurement via CTs for currents up to 6000 A.

Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meters feature a bright LCD display with navigation and reset key, plus metrological LED. Socomec COUNTIS Ex series conforms to standards IEC 62053-21 class 1, IEC 62053-31, IEC 62053-1, EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3.

Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meter features

The Socomec COUNTIS E10 energy meter displays the total energy consumed and allows remote access through pulse output. Metering over specific period can be managed though a partial counter.

The Socomec COUNTIS E11 energy meter is a double tariff meter meant for dual tariff invoicing. For each tariff a partial counter is available.

The Socomec COUNTIS E12 energy meter features MID certification. MID certified meters feature extra thefts protection (meter can not be reset, sealed casing) and extra accuracy (temperature, humidity, and other external factors are extended).

Socomec COUNTIS E10/E11/E12 Energy Meter data sheet

More about Socomec COUNTIS energy meters

COUNTIS E devices can manage up to 4 tariffs, with four separate time slots available for detailed monitoring of energy consumption. (RS485 connection required). To use COUNTIS E devices remotely a pulse output or communication via RS485 Jbus/Modbus is available.

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