Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter

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Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meters are active electrical energy meters designed for three-phase networks. COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meters are used for direct connections up to 63 A. Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meters
conforms to standards IEC 62053-21 class 1.

Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meters features

The Socomec COUNTIS E20 energy meter displays the total energy consumed and allows remote access through pulse output. Metering over specific period can be managed though a partial counter.

The Socomec COUNTIS E21 energy meter is a double tariff meter meant for dual tariff invoicing. For each tariff a partial counter is available.

Socomec COUNTIS E20/E21 Energy Meter data sheet

More about Socomec COUNTIS energy meters

COUNTIS E devices can manage up to 4 tariffs, with four separate time slots available for detailed monitoring of energy consumption. (RS485 connection required). To use COUNTIS E devices remotely a pulse output or communication via RS485 Jbus/Modbus is available.

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