Socomec COUNTIS E53

Socomec COUNTIS E53

SKU: E53

The Socomec COUNTIS E53 is a panel mounted active and reactive energy meter displaying energy and multiple measurement values directly on its large backlit LCD display. The Socomec COUNTIS E53 is designed for use on three-phase or single-phase networks via a CT connection and is suitable for applications of up to 6000 A. The CT ratio can be configured by the user via the RS485 MODBUS communication.

Pulse output

The Socomec COUNTIS E53 is provided with an RS485 MODBUS communication output to enable remote reporting of energy consumption.

Connection Error Detection

The Socomec COUNTIS E53 protects against phase/neutral inversion and has an integrated test function which can be used to detect wiring errors. This feature facilitates error correction without the need to remake connections. This simplifies the process of installation and commissioning thus reducing associated costs, ensuring that the device functions in the right manner.

Large Backlit LCD Display

The Socomec COUNTIS E53 provides clear readings and is easy to use thanks to Thanks to its large backlit LCD display and its multiple viewing screens with direct pushbutton access. See below for display values.

Direct display of multi-measurement and metering values


  • Currents: instantaneous: I1, I2, I3
  • Voltages: instantaneous: U1, U2, U3, U12, U23, U31


  • instantaneous: 3P, 3Q, 3S
  • maximum average: 3P

Power factor:

  • instantaneous: 3PF


  • Active energy: +/- kWh
  • Reactive energy: +/- kvarh
  • Apparent energy: kVAh

Socomec COUNTIS E53 data sheet

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