Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter

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The Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter is a multifunction meter or energy meter that is used for measuring electrical values in low voltage networks in modular format. The Socomec Diris A41 (DIRIS energy meter) boasts an added function for correcting errors in CT connections, and an internal temperature measurement function to allow detection of variations in temperature.

The Socomec Diris Energy Meter provides solutions for energy metering, quality monitoring and analysis of electrical networks, and conforms to IEC 61557-12 standard.

Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter features

  • Advanced metering and multi-measurement
  • Individual harmonics up to level 63
  • RS485 (Jbus/Modbus and Profibus-DP) and
  • Ethernet communication (Modbus TCP and
  • Jbus/Modbus over TCP)
  • Optional additional modules
  • Alarm management
  • Predictive power indicator
  • 96 x 96 mm panel mount

More About DIRIS Energy Meters

The DIRIS energy meter analyses energy quality via detailed breakdown of harmonics and identification of troughs, outages, overvoltages and overcurrents on the electrical network. The Socomec Diris A41 Energy Meter‘s new Ethernet communication modules has an embedded web server function, which enables remote operation/configuration via your Internet browser, by simply entering the IP address of the DIRIS.

Socomec Diris A40 Energy Meter data sheet

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