Storm Detector

Storm Detector

SKU: AT3W_Storm

The ATSTORM® is an expert local early warning system for risk prevention against lightning storms. The ATSTORM® system monitors both the electrostatic field and the electromagnetic field – able to detect both the electrical storms that approach the area to be protected, as well as those that are forming above it.

The ability to monitor all phases of a storm, from cloud electrification through to its dissipation, makes ATSTORM® a complete advanced data system, which alerts to initiate preventive actions that minimize the risks caused by lightning impacts.

Preventive protection, risk reduction

Accurate and precise identification of the conditions of storm formation, or approximation of a storm to a specific area. Allows for an anticipation time (tens of minutes) in order to initiate preventive actions that minimize risks derived from a possible lightning impact.

Remote Control and false alarm elimination

Monitoring all phases of the storm with great accuracy, thanks to the multiple detection system and combination of the most advanced technologies on the market in one single system. The system also offers the possibility of centralising all information for clients with multiple locations.

Multichannel alert system

Control the information coming from the system in any location through multi-channel management solutions (private web portal, mobile, tablet, e-mail, audible/visual alarms …).

Optional integration into internal control systems available.

Reduction of downtime: Saving time and money

All clear notifications in order to resume normal activity as soon as possible – based on the analysis of conditions in real time, not those of pre-established safety times.