Unipower PQ Secure Software

Unipower PQ Secure Software

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The Unipower PQ Secure Software is a user-friendly software system used for the supervision of power quality and disturbances in the power grid. Unipower PQ Secure Software provides continuous monitoring of all the power quality parameters in the entire network, providing quick and easy tracing of different disturbances and determination of their direction in the network.

The Unipower PQ Secure Software consists of:

  • software
  • measure units (UP-2210)
  • communication equipment via e.g. ethernet or a modem

Measure data is collected and evaluated by a SQL database, which  results in a fully scalable system with no limitations to number of measure units connected.

Unipower PQ Secure SoftwareAnalysis functions

  • Event viewers (global/local)
  • Trend diagrams
  • Wave form diagrams
  • Duration analysis (ITIC/CBEMA)
  • Automatic report function
  • Real-time window

It is also possible to integrate the portable meters Unilyzer 902 andUnilyzer 901 into the PQ Secure system, giving more points for measurement and improved view of power quality.

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