Unipower UP-2210R Rack Mount PQ Measuring Unit

Unipower UP-2210R Rack Mount PQ Measuring Unit

SKU: UP-2210R

The UP­2210­R is a IEC 61000­4­30 Class A Power Quality Analyzer and Fault Recorder targeted on MV and HV applications.

Unipower PQ Secure

PQ Secure lets you monitor your power quality continuously and gives you a complete picture of the status in the power network, logging all critical parameters giving direct response on any deviation.

UP­2210­R Comes in a convenient 19″ case that fits easily in the sub-station control cabinets. The hardware is based on Unipowers class A platform and measures all Power Quality parameters, does fault recording and energy metering as well as advanced disturbance recording. See UP- 2210R technical manual for additional details.